Toronto is part of the Pelaco company, a 100 year old iconic Australian brand most famous for their business shirts. Toronto is the ladies range which excel in their pant design. They also have a lovely range of blouses. Recently, they have added the ‘Lexington’ label which is slightly younger in style. This label has some stunning tops which have been very popular.

The Toronto pant can be worn all year round. Our best seller is the 7/8 (full length for the shorter ladies) and has a full elastic waistband and pockets. We ensure we have black and navy throughout the year and the add in white, beige and other fashionable colours of the summer season such as lavender and light blue. Our winter stock colours include rich chocolate, grey and lighter brown.

We also sell the full length with elasticated waist and the full length with a zip. 

Lexington by Toronto Top Red

Lexington by Toronto Edge to Edge Jacket Royal $79,95 cami not included

Toronto Shell Top 100% Polyester Daisey $65.00

Toronto 100% Polyester Blouse Fleur $69.95

Toronto Short Leg Denim elastic waist Pant Denim $69.95

Toronto Short Leg Denim Pant and Blouse

Toronto full length elastic waist pants

Toronto short leg elastic waist pants

Toronto zip pants